REMOTE OPERATED VEHICLES (ROV) SeaROV Technologies Ltd. have been operating ROV systems since 1987 and have provided a variety of underwater services to customers including: inspection of hydro generation facilities, reservoirs, pipelines; shipwreck search & survey, salvage and marine insurance investigation; film documentary and media filming; survey of marine resources, aquaculture, geological investigation, maritime archaeological survey and underwater search for missing persons and objects.
We have two ROV systems available; a modified Benthos MiniRover open frame system rated to 330 metres and a SeaBotix LBV150 system rated to 150 metres.

For special deepwater projects or long pipeline inspections we have systems available from overseas associates.

Our customers include:

        Department of Conservation
        Geological & Nuclear Sciences
        National Institute of Water & Atmosphere
        Auckland Regional Council
        Auckland University

 Natural History Unit
 National Geographic
 Greenstone Pictures
 Water Care
 Salvage Pacific
 Diver Services
 Dive Revive.

ROV's LBV150 & MiniRover






MiniRover ROV



SeaROV Technologies Ltd sonar systems for search and survey include Imagenex 330khz 0.9 beamwidth side scan sonar and 675 kHz underwater scanning units.
For search and survey the side scan sonar is either towed or strut mounted.
The scanning sonar can be ROV mounted or diver hand held.

Scanning Sonar image of shipwreck

Side Scan Sonar target image


For special customer applications SeaROV has available a shallow water oxygen Biomarine Cobra rebreather unit and traditional "hard hat" helmet dress with diver/surface communications. These systems have been used in support of film industry projects.

                     For more details contact Keith Gordon